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You are here: Home > Myths & Misconceptions > Women in Islam

Women in Islam

In today's Islamic world, the majority of women are treated by men as second class citizens. Such a status for women is not attributable to the laws in the Quran but to man made religious laws outside of the Quran. We will explore specific issues that affect women in the following articles, and which their rights are protected through the Quran. We will see the disparity between current practices affecting women in the "Islamic" world and what God commands through His scripture.

Are Men and Women Equal in Islam?
By K. A. AMmar
If Muslim women were given rights and protections through the Quran, then why are the majority of Muslim women treated as second class citizens in today's Islamic world? We will see that such a status for women is attributable to religious laws other than God’s laws more >>

Headcovers and Islamic Clothing Requirements
Upon careful study of God’s proven scripture, the Quran, we find that God does not require women to cover their hair, arms, legs, hands, or face- these clothing restrictions are not God’s religious regulations more >>

Abortion is Murder
By K. A. Ammar
God condemns abortion in the Quran. Killing of any child (born or unborn) is murder. We also examine the false belief held by some that abortion might be allowed for a certain time period more >>

Marriage and Divorce: Two Sides of One Coin
By K. A. Ammar
Marriage is a committed relationship between the individuals, not just to be recognized by civil authority, but specifically binding through the religious beliefs of God’s Submitter’s.  The couple needs to abide by the Quranic guidelines and specifications, thus the ensuing marriage becomes a blessing from God more >>

appendix 30 By Dr. Khalifa
Polygamy was a way of life until the Quran was revealed 1400 years ago. Quran put down the first limitation on polygamy more >>

Domestic Violence and Sexual Misconduct: A Quranic Perspective
By Dr. K. A. Ammar
It is clear to all that in the Quran, God discourages the different forms of deviant sexual misconduct such as adultery, homosexuality, and rape.  However, some will ignorantly claim that God allows for some forms of domestic violence; specifically wife beating, since God specifically mentions it in the Quran.  We will see, however, that this is a misuse of God’s clear and straightforward commands more >>

appendix 34 By Dr. Khalifa
PSons and daughters of the true believers must be taught that their happiness throughout their lives depends on following God's law and preserving their chastity. This means that they must keep themselves for their spouses only, and never allow anyone else to touch them in a sexual manner (23:5-6, 24:30, 33:35, 70:29-30) more >>