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Why do traditional Muslims believe they need Hadith and Sunnah?

Many Muslims believe they must follow Hadith and Sunnah because this is what they found their parents doing [2:170] [7:70]. This is what their religious scholars tell them to do [9:31]. Even though many read the Quran, they fail to understand what they are reading [17:45] [24:46]. They fail to believe that the Quran is complete and fully detailed [6:114]. They fail to believe that God is the Teacher of the Quran [55:1,2], whether it is read in the original Arabic or in an English translation [26:198-200]. If they believed what the Quran tells them, they would readily reject Hadith and Sunnah. They would not need to rely on hearsay and conjecture as to how the prophet followed the religion. They would follow the Quran, and appreciate that God has designed His religion to adapt with the time and place assigned to each of us during our respective lifetimes.

Muslims who uphold Hadith and Sunnah have created a religion not authorized by God [42:21]. Any resemblance to the original religion established by Abraham [2:130, 135] [3:19, 85] [22:78] has long since been lost by the adherence to Hadith and Sunnah. Adding insult to injury, many Muslim scholars and followers now call Muslims (Submitters) who do not follow Hadith and Sunna idol worshipers, even though they uphold Quran and worship God alone! Muhammad followed the Quran alone! If Muhammad is supposed to be our perfect example of how to practice the religion, we would be wise to follow the same format that Muhammad followed – worship God alone, and accept the Quran as God’s scripture to us and use it as the only source of religious guidance.

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