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God, the Creator of Heavens and Earth is worshipped by the Christians, Jews, Muslims and others. The Arabic word for God is "Allah." The Christians in Middle-east countries refer to God as Allah in their native language of Arabic.

Some Attributes of God

To know God is to know His attributes. Most people claim to worship God without knowing and understanding God. Only by knowing God, one can have appreciation of God. more >>

Greatness of God

We learn from Verse 39:67 that God's greatness is far beyond human comprehension - the verse states that all seven universes are "folded within God's hand." more >>

Who is your God

Most people will be shocked to find out that their proclamation that their god is the Creator of the heavens and the earth is no more than lip service. more >>

The Creator's Signature

The scriptures are not the only mathematically composed creations of God where the number 19 is the common denominator. It is profound indeed that Galileo made his famous statement: "Mathematics is the language with which God created the universe. more >>